Product Highlights

  • LED Bar Display of % IR Signal
  • Fully Digital “ALL-IN-ONE” Connection
  • Robust Stainless Steel Construction
  • Completely encasing Water Cooled Jacket Options
  • 110 VAC or 24 VDC connection in one unit
  • Lens options: 2° or 4° Spot F.O.V.
  • DIP switch selectable thresholds down to 270°C.
  • C Form Relay with Reed Relay Option
  • PNP and NPN Normally Open Transistor Outputs
  • Programmable response time from 2 to 200 msec.
  • Air purge requires only non-instrument air
  • Excellent steam penetration
  • Remote Check facility
  • Hi Temp spec Armoured Silicone Cable connection

General Description

The MD8200 Hot Metal Detector is an exceptionally robust sensor constructed in a heavy duty stainless housing built to withstand the harshest environments and is impervious to water and steam. It is the ideal HMD for installing close to the line where very high ambient or radiant temperatures are present as available in “completely encasing” water cooled chamber as well as with highly effective directional air purge that does not require expensive instrument air.

Furthermore, the MD8200 Detector incorporates a Bar Display showing the % IR signal from both the product and background relative to the set trip level. This enables the user to identify and adjust the Sensor as required to ensure the Detector is not affected by hot scale or steam in its field of view.

Available with 2° or 4° Spot Field of View, this HMD incorporates filtering that removes the visible spectrum to minimize sensitivity to extraneous light.

The MD8200 “All-in-One” Hot Metal Detector provides the user with the option to connect to 110 VAC supply or 24 VDC supply. An 8 Amp rated cradle relay for fast reed relay can be provided as well as both NPN/PNP transistor outputs are provided, thus allowing one Sensor to be standardized on throughout the mill. The MD8200 is the economical choice. Now there is no need to stock a detector for each different trip level.

To accommodate variation in product temperature and background radiation, the Trip Level of this HMD is programmable between 300° and 800°C via external switches (covered) with reference to the external Bar Display in 50°C steps. The Sensor response time is similarly programmed in precise steps from 2msec upwards with reference to the Bar Display.

The MD8200 includes a remote self check. This facility remotely initiates an internal diode in close proximity to the photodiode. When activated by a remote contact, the detector switches and its performance checked