General Description

Robust Sensor for detection of weld holes in passing high velocity metal strip.

The detector only responds to a passing illuminated hole and not to static background or reflected light energy source. This is achieved by utilization of a filter circuit that solely responds to a passing illumination source.

As the passing weld hole provides a pulsed output, an adjustable latching timer extenuates output. Additional LEDs and outputs facilitate straight-forward alignment.

Three outputs are provided. Namely, PNP & NPN N/Open transistor outputs as well as a reed relay output. Available for connection to 24 VDC or 110 VAC.

Adjustable on site to provide 5º to 25º FOV to accommodate various strip widths. Detects weld holes of 10mm or greater size passing at velocities can be accommodated according to hole size and light source utilized.

As this Detector incorporates a unique air coolant/purge facility with an additional heat shield, it can be used where strip temperatures are above ambient. For high ambients, a water coolant chamber is available.