General Description

The MD95100-QIPS Under-the-line Hot Metal Detector (HMD) is specifically designed for mounting of the Remote Lens in the high ambient under the line in the Rolling Mill or within the Stands. This mounting arrangement close to the underside of the line (typically 500mm) enables more precise detection of the passing hot product with the Lens out of harms way with the Controller at an easily accessible location.

The shrouded Quartz Remote Lens incorporates a quartz 1000ºC rated lens in a stainless tubular housing assembly secured inside a purged stainless tubular housing with this in then in turn protected by a stainless shroud and nozzle through which the air purge supply exits. This arrangement protects the lens from the high radiant and ambient heat as well as preventing the mill contaminate entering the lens, plus clearing the steam in the field of view of the lens. The lens is connected via 15M of 400ºC spec flexible stainless sheathed optic lead that is further protected by an outer flexible stainless conduit.

The HMD Controller incorporates a Bar Display showing the IR input signal relative to the pre-set trip level. This enables the user to verify the Sensors performance is not being influenced by contamination, hot scale or water/steam and thereby adjust “prior” to failing to detect the passing hot product. This bar display also provides the scale settings for the programmable thresholds and response times via simple switch action. The Controller is protected by mounting Cradle allowing quick extraction for adjustment or replacement.

MD95100-Q1PS Datasheet