General Description

These series 4000 photo-switches are specifically designed for detection of both hot and cold product in extreme hostile areas. Particularly useful where the product is normally too hot to permit use of Proximity or normal Photo-switches, yet radiating insufficient Infrared energy for detection by hot metal detectors.

As these switches utilize powerful Gallium Arsenide cells, their pulsed infra-red beams penetrate substantial steam over long distances and operate with the heavy lens contamination. They will also accommodate substantial lens miss-alignment.

Total flexibility in view of the many options available. Namely, single or dual controllers with sender and receiver lenses connected via silicone lead/or armoured fibre-optic leads. A combination of both connection techniques enables mounting of the lenses close to the production line and the controller in an accessible area.

Controllers comprise of a watertight metal enclosure rated IP66. Lenses are robust hybrid constructions in stainless steel with both Air Purge and Water Cooling mounting facilities available.

A variety of lens mounting options are available to accommodate installation requirements. Mounting technique may be selected on the basis of purge, cooling and adjustment requirements.

Six models are available to allow the user to select exactly the right mounting and connection technique to suit individual installation parameters. All lenses are in standard 25mm diameter tubular stainless housings. Connections are via common style plug/socket to ensure straightforward inter-changeability of components.

Lenses, Remote Modules, Fibre Optic leads and Silicone interconnecting leads are ordered separately in addition to the specified controller arrangement. The fibre optic and silicone interconnecting leads are ordered according to length required. The silicone interconnecting leads (2 conductor shielded) can be extended on site up to 30 meters in length.

MD4000 Datasheet