Product Highlights

  • High Accuracy Digital Temperature Sensors
  • Robust Stainless Housings with Laser Alignment
  • Cooling jacket & Air purge Nozzle option
  • Remote Heads with Electronic or Optic Lead Connection
  • Models with Temp ranges of between 50ºC-1800ºC
  • Accuracy ±0.3% or 0.5%
  • Programmable emissivity gain from 0.100 to 1.100
  • Programmable 4-20mA (or 0-10 VDC) Analogue Output
  • Configurable via USB Interface or internal switches
  • TTL Interface Option Available
  • Totally encasing water cooled housing option
  • Air Purge Nozzle operates from non-instrument air
  • Dual Alignment Laser Beams show target size on product
  • Remote Heads without cooling operate at 85ºC
  • Lasers automatically cut out at 50ºC
  • Digital Detection and Alarm Output

General Description

The Series 5000 Digital Infrared Pyrometer Sensors have been engineered to meet the harshest environments in the steel and metals industry. These high performance Sensors in robust stainless steel housings are available in five Models with varying wide temperature ranges to meet the most demanding requirements. Attachable Air purge nozzle is available as an option.

Whilst these standard Sensors withstand a very high ambient of 85ºC they are also available encased in a coolant jacket for water or Vortex In-line cooling or alternatively as Remote Head Sensors for electronic connection or via Optic Lead connection for extreme high ambient. As a further safety feature, the targeting Laser cuts out at 50ºC.

These Sensors uniquely incorporate dual laser emitters for alignment and as indication of target area on the product. Both USB interface and internal switches allow quick and easy configuration of parameters to meet most requirements within the mill. Both the emissivity and analogue outputs are programmable. The included software provides adjustment of peak, valley, average or extended hold format.

Connection to a PLC, alarm or temperature records is straight forward using the analogue output connection. All Models are fully configurable via provided software and USB Interface or internal switches under the back cover.