General Description

The MDCLS Digital Laser Level Sensors are compact units with integrated optics and signal processor for precise measurement of the liquid level. A focused laser spot is illuminated on the molten metal surface and the image distance determined by internal CCD Camera.

Installation software is provided for connection to a PC and to display measured values. Measurement of data is via both RS232 and 4-20 mA analog output. Operate at a measuring frequency of 1000 measurements per second a serial output update frequency of 1000 measurement points per sec. or lower

The Laser unit is protected by in a Secondary robust stainless enclosure provided with air inlet with Vortex cooling option as Air purge venting out of the protective nozzle. This enables replacement of the Camera without disturbing mounting configuration. The connection cable is encased in a stainless flexible conduit to protect it from metal splash.

Various Actuators are also available to provide the user with the complete control solution. Gate valve Actuators, Vertical, Pin out and Tap out Actuators.

MDCLS Datasheet