General Description

The Duoprox Sensor is uniquely robust in that it is encapsulated in a though RYNITE glass filled polyester housing. This makes it the toughest sensor on the market today.

Also it is flexible to install. Available with either front or side sensor face combined with its unique and versatile mounting bracket it is also the ideal sensor to replace heavy duty mechanical limit switches.

In addition, by incorporating the socket within the moulding, this sensor includes an IP66 plug connection with PG11 gland fitting for securing protective flexible conduit over the sensor cabling.

It is available for connection to 80-240 VAC supply with 2 wire thryistor output or 24 VDC supply with NPN or PNP transistor output. Both Normally Open or Normally closed output. Cable connection is in standard form is Oilfex cable with high temperature silicon cable or armoured silicon cable in any length available as required.

Duoprox Poximity Switch Datasheet