General Description

The Below-the-Line Pathfinder Scanner is purpose built for the detection of strip leading edge for cropping to cut to length. Whereas other Detectors used for this are not able to detect strip below 600 deg C the Pathfinder-2 can detect strip down to 450 deg C. Furthermore, as this Scanner operates via Control Margin rather than simple threshold detection, it accurately detects the strip edge regardless of its variation in temperature or edge profile.

Benefits from the implementation of armoured optic lead connection to double shrouded Remote Lens rated to 400 deg C ambient spec. with vortex cooled air supply into coolant chamber venting as air purge. Air box (not illustrated) available secured to rear of lens mount for active air supply in place of clean dry air supply.

Old style HMD’s purely detect the hot product above pre-set thresholds, the PATHFINDER Scanner operates by micro-processor comparison of the background and hot product signal. Neither hot scale or hot floor pan in the field of view causes false triggering, nor steam in FOV delay detection.

Whilst static HMD’s utilize single diode detection, Rotary Scanners incorporate rotating mirrors and Line Scan Cameras operate vi low sensitivity silicon arrays, the PATHFINDER utilizes a digitally scanned Germanium Diode Array. Hence the high reliability and accuracy provided.

PF2000 Datasheeet