General Description

The Trailfinder operates via internal microprocessor and a multiplexed scanned InGaAs photodiode array. It provides an analog output of the hot bar loop position as well as display its position via bar display.Various analogue options are available as well as multiple digital outputs provided.

Whilst normal Scanners purely detect the product above a preset threshold the intelligent Trailfinder operates via a programmable control margin ensuring precise position output regardless of the product’s size and temperature and is not adversely affected by lens contamination, hot scale, metal work or steam. Consequently it provides very stable performance in difficult and variable environments such on Mill Stands can defeat other Scanners.

Being an intelligent digital device, the Trailfinder’s response time may be precisely set to accommodate black spots, steam/water or hot scale in its field of view without detriment to its performance. Detects the product edge precisely and repeatability regardless of the product size and changes in temperature.

The Trailfinder operates via the internal 40 segmented diode array scanned in 2 ms for exceptionally fast output. Internal filtering blocks unwanted visible light.

Multiple digital outputs accommodate most users needs for hot bar detection.