General Description

The MD8100 self-contained “All-in-One” Hot Metal Detector sensor combines the features and benefits of various models into one unit. Thus the MD8100 provides one detector that can be standardized on throughout the mill, the only decision that has to be made prior to installation is what appropriate lens to use. The MD8100 is the economical choice. Now there is no need to stock a detector for each different trip level. Thus the costly inventory of ordinary detectors can be replaced with a single MD8100 detector.

The MD8100 Hot Metal Detector is a robust sensor activated by the infra-red radiating from hot metal or product. Impervious to water or steam it is built to withstand the harshest environments.

All lenses incorporate filters removing the visible spectrum to minimize sensitivity to extraneous light. For general tracking, spot lenses are commonly used. Where high accuracy is required or the product deviates about the center line (i.e. Rod Mill) a ½° x 25° lens should be utilized. This lens is also highly suited to Strip Mills.

Especially suitable where ambient temperatures are subject to wide deviations. In standard format, a large air cooled chamber vents via a deflector in front of the lens providing combined air purged facility. Alternatively, an optional sealed water coolant radiator & separate air purge facility may be provided.

To accommodate variation in product temperature and background radiation, six specific I.R. thresholds, from 300°C to 550°C, are selectable by an internal DIP switch in 50°C steps. Further adjustment to the trip level down to 270°C and up to 750°C can be accomplished via a threshold sensitivity adjuster.

The MD8100 can be operate from either 110VAC-50/60 Hz or 24VDC power input. Standard output includes a cradle relay with a 8A/250VAC SPNO volt free contact plus a switch selectable PNP & NPN transistor output. Alternatively, an optional reed relay with SPNO contact can be provided in place of the cradle relay.

The MD8100 includes a supplementary 0-6VDC, non-linear, analog output. This selectable facility allows the user to establish the amount of received I.R. energy relative to the preset trip level and thereby establish that the lens is clean and the MD8100 threshold is set correctly. This feature also allows the user to align the detector to a precise low energy target (i.e. a flashlight) that would normally be insufficient to switch the detector.

The MD8100 includes a remote self check. This facility remotely initiates an internal lamp in close proximity to the photodiode. When activated by a remote contact, the detector switches and its performance checked.

MD8100 Datasheet