General Description

The MDCLS Digital Laser Level Sensors are compact units with integrated optics and signal processor for pre-cise measurement of the liq-uid level. A focused laser spot is illuminated on the molten metal surface and the image distance determined by inter-nal CCD Camera. Installation software is provided for con-nection to a PC and to display measured values.

Measurement of data is via both RS232 and 4-20 mA an-alogue output. The MDCLS operates at a measuring frequency of 1000 measurements per second a serial output update frequency of 1000 measurement points per sec. or lower. The La-ser unit is protected by in a Sec-ondary robust stainless enclosure provided with air inlet with Vortex cooling option as Air purge vent-ing out of the protective nozzle. This enables replacement of the Camera without disturbing mounting configuration. The con-nection cable is encased in a stainless flexible conduit to pro-tect it from metal splash.

Vortex Air Purging via a Single Purged Aperture aids viewing through heavy steam.

MDCLS Datasheet