Product Highlights

  • Length built to Order
  • Raised detector coil to isolate from steel platform and metalwork
  • Extended Long range of 150mm when fully covered
  • Robust encapsulated watertight design
  • DC Sensors in 3-wire NPN or PNP connection
  • AC Sensors in 2-wire connection
  • Dual LED indication

General Description

These MD26400 Series Inductive Proximity Sensor is built specifically for installation in the harshest of industrial environments. Being that these sensors are base mounting, it is ideal for mounting slightly below the floor-pan of roller tables and other conveyor systems providing surrounding metalwork is 70mm or more from the detector front face..

The combination of large sensing distances with base mounting embedded in steel surround greater than set range allows their installation with complete physical protection. This Sensor offers a very practical solution to the detection of metal product, re-gardless of its shape and size.

Available in AC or DC formats for direct feedback to PC systems, while at the same time capable of switching contactors.

Typical Applications

Mill & Process Control : Tracking the position of bar, pipe, tube or structural shapes in the Rolling Mill.

Material Handling : Replacing limit switches on automated machinery