With over 30 years of experience, Moduloc Control Systems has been a leading provider of the latest technology to the Metals Industry for precise product detection and measurement. Moduloc is also a leading provider of Lasers for crane control, material handling and positioning. View Our Products.

We provide a wide variety of Non-Contact Optical IR Sensors and Laser Detectors that allows us to offer the ideal total solution for monitoring and measuring the movement of product in the Mill or process line. Our range of Sensors include Hot Metal Detectors (HMDs), Remote Hot Metal Detectors utilizing Optic Lead technology, Scanning HMDs, Optical Position Scanners (Loopers), Barrier Lasers, Retro and Diffuse Laser Detectors, Remote Head Barrier Photocells utilizing the Optic Lead technology, and Laser based Gauges for measuring hot or cold product length, width and thickness.

In addition, we also provide a wide a variety of Laser Measuring Devices. Namely, our wide range of Laser Distance Meters and Laser Triangulation Meters as well as molten metal Level Sensors. Should you requirement be to determine position, width, length, thickness or molten metal level, we have the technology to meet this need.

Utilizing our wide range of Laser devices we also provide Laser based C Frame Thickness Gauges for the measurement of red hot plate as it is reduced in the reversing stand in the Rolling Mill as well as a Laser based Cold Process Line Thickness Gauge for high resolution measurement of cold metal strip regardless of its alloy content.

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