The Series 370 Belt Metal Detector is designed to protect bulk conveyor belts and downstream crushers operating by generating a pulsed flux via a profiled Coil mounted below the belt and monitoring its rate of collapse when the tramp metal in the material passes overhead.

Even tramp metal on profiled belts with high burden material is detected by the under-belt Detector Coil. All types of tramp metal are detected as the Series 370 Industrial Metal Detector detects ferrous, non-ferrous and the non-magnetic metal that magnetic extractors are unable to remove.

The Series 370 provides high sensitivity detection of small or large tramp metal regardless of variations in the bulk material nature and wetness. They are also ideal Metal Detectors for installing after suspended magnets to detect the smaller ferrous metal as well as the non-ferrous and non-magnetic tramp metal these magnets cannot detect.

The Series 370 detects low Fe % on slag belts where the operator wishes to know to a highly accurate level, the amount of Fe being discarded as waste material in order to both reclaim excess material for use in the furnace and also to ensure that:

  1. Slag waste sold is not overly heavy due to the metal content, causing customers to overpay.
  2. Material used in asphalt is not high in Fe material which might result in roads rusting in the rain.

Additional Applications include detection of nails on potato belts and other food belt lines.