When producing zinc alloy ingots by use of speed controlled metallic pumps to transfer molten alloy from melting pits to head boxes and from the head boxes the molten alloy goes into troughs and casting ladles that pour into ingot moulds.

To produce uniformed ingots, the level in the head boxes needs to be very accurate. Often this is achieved by overfilling the head boxes and returning the surplus alloy to the melting pit. The returned alloy will create a lot of dross which cannot be used for ingots.
The MODULOC Control Level System (MDCLS) uses a laser triangulation level sensor to measure the level in the head boxes and to use the information to maintain the pump speed to achieve an accurate level in the head boxes and thus avoid overfilling. MODULOC is then able to connect the sensor to existing pump speed converters.

In addition to Zinc, many other material in a molten state can be monitored including both aluminium and copper. Moduloc has extensive experience with both of these.