Advanced material processing technology is suitable for achieving low production costs and high productivity as well as better quality products. The manufacturing process for steel production is time consuming. Slap products are passed through several machines, such as a roughing mill and a finishing rolling mill, to gain the desired size of the product.

After the finishing rolling stand stage, the steel strip type is defined. Mechanical and physical properties of the steel strip are controlled to achieve the desired product quality. Temperature is one of the main parameters that are used to control the product properties. After the finishing stand process, the next process for the strip steel is to arrive at the run-out table (ROT), as seen in the image above.

The run-out table (ROT) cools the temperature from approximately  at the entrance to  at the exit from the ROT. If the temperature is cooled linearly then the phase transformation of the metallurgical structure of the strip steel will change from the austenite to the ferrite range of grain sizes. The water wall cools the strip temperature with a nozzle jet at both the bottom and the top of the strip surface.

To conserve water in the cooling process at the ROT, optimal control of the cooling parameters during cooling is required. A Hot Metal Detector such as the Moduloc MD95100, as seen in use, is ideal for the detection of the steel strip and its outputs can be used for Automation in the mill.runout-table1