Detection of Hot Metal or Hot Product in a Rod Mill, Bar Mall, Rolling Mill, Plate Mill, Roughing Mill, Reversing Mill, Hot Strip Mill or other Steel Mill and Industrial Applications. Choose from our selection of Hot Metal Detectors below or contact us to discuss your application.

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Series of Laser Triangulation Meters and Scanners for precision measurement thickness, width and profile of various products on the production line. Also for level control of molten non-ferrous product in the Casting Plan.

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The Series 2000 Long Range Inductive Proximity Sensors are designed for Tracking the position of bar, pipe, tube or structural shapes in a rolling mill or process line. Built specifically for installation in the harshest of industrial environments, rated to IP66 with the housing constructed from Marine-Grade Glass Fibre or ABS enclosure, these sensors can be mounted in the floor-pan of the roller tables and other conveyor systems.

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Metal Detectors operate by generating a pulsed flux and monitoring its rate of collapse when the metal bar passes overhead.

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