General Description

The MD95100 fully digital Remote “All-in-One” Hot Metal Detector incorporates a Bar Display showing the IR input signal relative to the pre-set trip level as a linear % as well programmable thresholds and response times via similar switch action.

The MD95100 utilizes a modular digital Controller in protective mounting Cradle, flexible armored Optic Lead and Remote Lens..
One Controller used in conjunction with the Lens options available means one standard Controller can be used throughout the Mill.
Now there is no need to stock a detector for each different trip level or requirement.

The remote lens is impervious to water and steam built to withstand the harshest environments available. Used in conjunction with flexible armored optic lead, the Remote Lens provides a high level of optical accuracy. This robust lens with temperature ratings of 180°C mount close to the hot product and includes air purging venting as an air purge with water cooling being available

The Remote lens incorporates filter to minimize sensitivity to extraneous light. For general tracking, spot lenses are commonly used. Where high accuracy required or the product deviates about the center line (i.e. Rod Mill) the ½° x 25° precision slit rectangular lens is the ideal lens. This lens is also highly suited to Strip Mills.

MD95100 Datasheet