General Description

These Compact MLM Laser Triangulation Meters are compact units with integrated optics and signal processor provide exceptionally precise measurement over extended ranges of up to 170 mm. A laser spot is illuminated on the object and the image distance determined by internal CCD Camera. LED’s indicate when object is at center or outside measuring range. An installation disc is provided for connection via PC and display of measured values. Measurement data is transmitted via Serial and analog outputs.

When two similar LTM’s are connected together they automatically provide change in thickness, width or difference values. The standard Model operate at a 2kHz measuring & update frequency with a serial interface baud rate of 38400. Optional Models avilable at a 0.5 kHz, 2kHz, 5kHz or 10kHz update measuring frequency where averaging filter not activated with serial interface baud rates of 38400 or 115200. The S5 model operate at a 5kHz measuring frequency with a 2kHz or 5 kHz update frequency and has a serial interface baud rate of 38400, 115200 or 230400. The baud rate of 230400 requires option R4 with RS422 serial interface.

These Sensors can be programmed to output the value in Medium filter format (3 to 31 values), as a simple or running average filter. The user specifies the number of measuring points for the filter block as well as the number of bad zero values to be ignored before calculating and outputting the average value via the Serial and analogue outputs. The simple average filter compresses the measuring points into one single output disregarding missing values. The Baud rate is adjustable too 115200 or 38400, the latter reducing serial output to 1 kHz. A level mode is also available that inverts the values outputted.

Ideal devices where high precision and fast measurement off surfaces needed and other devices fail. Ideal for measuring concentricity, roll diameter/profile or thickness. Measure of most surfaces such as plastic, rubber, paper, textiles, food product and metals.

MLS Datasheet