General Description

The LD A scanner uses the time-of-flight measurement method to calculate target range and couples the range measurement with an angle measurement to create a polar co-ordinate position. A complete circular profile is created as the LD A head rotates a full 360º at a 10 Hz rate.

As an option, the LD A contains an integrated DSP processor allowing online profile evaluation and interfacing over a special Can Bus I/F. The DSP can be programmed to support form, volume and movement applications.

The LD A covers an area within a 40m radius onto dark targets (e.g., dark walls of a tunnel) and 100m onto light targets over an angular range of upto 360º. If the application requires the sensor to self-test, the angular range is limited to 300º to allow a 60º internal self-test check area.

LD A Scanner Datasheet