General Description

This LDM HMI Display is a powerful CPU engineered to provide convenient operation and communication bet
ween multiple Laser Distance Meters that provide positional input on the cranes position.

The CPU automatically energises the LDMs, interrogates their functional state and then displays the ind
ividual measured dis-tances from the serial output from each LDM. Furthermore, these serial outputs, as well as the separate digital outputs are then combined into one RS422 data string for connection to the pulpit PC via a single D serial connector enabling off-the-shelf low cost PC to be implemented for real time storage control in the whole house.

Communication and adjustment of the LDM functions is straight-forward. Where provided with modern connection this facili-tates remote calibration and fault finding.

Designed for use with our powerful MD1000-D Class I ToF Laser Distance Meters, this HMI display provides the crane operator with real time control of the cranes position as well as enabling sophisticated storage control at min
imal cost.

LDCP-4000 Datasheet