General Description

The MD1000D Series of Laser Distance Meters measure via ToF (Time of Flight) technology over distances of up to 800m off reflector panels and upto 110m off natural targets. With their large measuring range these devices can be used in many different industries and for a large variety of tasks.

These Sensors transmit via extremely short multiple light pulses, then measure the running time of these pulses to the object and back, thus computing from this the distance.

The measuring data is sent serially over dual RS232/RS422 and Profibus DP interfaces as well as a programmable analogue 4 – 20 mA output. Two further switching outputs are provided that can be configured in logic and band width.

The application range is evaluated via internal microprocessor to provide high accuracy by controllable averaging as well as accommodating high-dynamic movement rate. Specific distances can be defined as threshold trip levels initiated by either rising or falling values.

The MD1000D-R Laser Distance Meters are the ideal solution for crane control, especially for high speed long travel of up to 800m with its fast 20 KHz measuring rate. Furthermore, with its narrow 2 mrad diverging beam accommodates crane crabbing, yet does not require large reflector panels.

The MD1000D-T Laser Distance Meter with its 2 mrad diverging beam and fast measuring rate is well suited for measuring off product on the move at distances of upto 110m dependant on surface nature.

MD1000-D Datasheet