General Description

These MDL 1000 Series Velocitymeters directly replace traditional high maintenance Encoders Operating via problematic con-tact wheels and rollers connected with an accurate “state-of-the-art” non-contact Laser Doppler technology. A particular merit of this Velocitymeter is its exceptionally fast measuring rate and update rate. With the ability to workoff most surfaces, it can be used to measure velocity and length of many materia ls in a variety of industries. There are four models with varying stand off distances and working ranges to suit production req

For use within Rolling Mills this Velocitymeter is available pre-mounted within a secondary protective
robust stainless steel en-closure with water cooled heat shields incorporating both direct air purge and air wipe via external fan blower. This technique of cooling greatly extends the life of the Lasers in this Velocitymeter as well as ensuring the laser beams have a clear field of viewand greatly reducing air supply costs.

This Velocitymeter is very easy to install and straight-forward to implement for process control of ve
locity measurement of wire,rod, sheet, web and woven, paper or plastic film product. This Velocitymeter offers the clients great versatility as numerous multiple outputs are provided as standard as well as further optional outputs being available.