General Description

These Laser Triangulation Meters are compact units with integrated optics and signal processor for precise measurement of distance or product thickness and width. A focused laser spot is illuminated on the object and the image distance determined by internal CCD Camera. LED’s indicate when the object is at the center or outside of the measuring range. Installation Windows based software is provided for connection to a PC and to display measured values. Measurement of data is via RS232 or RS422 Serial Interface with two optional analog outputs. Ethernet output is available.

Various Models are available with varying measuring speeds and serial output update frequencies of up to 10,000 measurements per second. All Models have programming functionality. One useful feature is Group Mode as in this mode a running average is calculated over a user specified number of measuring points and the user can program the meter to disregard the quantity of any zero measurement results (if any), before calculating the average value. The average values are calculated at full measuring frequency and also used for converting to provide the analogue signal.

When two similar LTM’s connected together they automatically provide change in thickness, width or difference values. The standard Model operate at a 1kHz measuring & update frequency with a serial interface baud rate of 38400. Optional Models available at 2kHz, 5kHz or 10kHz update measuring frequency where averaging filter not activated with serial interface baud rates of 38400 or 115200. The S5 model operate at a 5kHz measuring frequency with a 1kHz, 2½kHz or 5kHz update frequency and has a serial interface baud rate of 38400, 115200 or 230400. The baud rate of 230400 requires option R4 with RS422 serial interface.

The Laser Triangulation Meters have a broad range of usage for measurement off surfaces where other devices fail. Ideal for measuring off wood, plastic, rubber, paper, foam, textiles, food product, cold, hot or metal as well as molten metal. For molten metal level monitoring, according to the metal, the more powerful models listed overleaf are required.

MLS Datasheet