General Description

These MLS02 Laser Triangulation Scanners provide precision measurement in two dimensions. The measurement is performed by oscillating the triangulation plane by up to 50 deg. A fine collimated and focused laser beam is diffusely reflected from the surface of the material being measured and the internal CCD Camera records the image. This image is then processed by digital signal processor to calculate the radial distance from the centre of the mirror axis to the object surface as well providing an angular track off its position.

These Scanners are compact stand–alone units containing the optics, signal processing and camera unit. The Scanner view shown illustrates the scan line. The distance and angular values are provided at frequency of 2kHz or 6 kHz as a digital signal for application running under Windows using the MLS02 driver DLL.

The Scanners are delivered with a CD containing the DLL and a Windows test/demo program. The PC application programme receives the output data from the Scanner over RS422/RS232 serial interface and a COM port via the DLL. The software either converts the polar coordinates of a measured point to orthogonal X,Y co-ordinates or presents a profile (table of X, Y values) for each sweep from one side to the other. The user can specify the size of the Y increment in the application programme and thus the length the output and thus the length of time the output contains the profile data.

Each Scanner can be supplied with 3 differing scan rates of 1800, 900 or 450 scans/min and with differing measuring angle of between 10 deg to 50 deg. Also can be provided with 2kHz or 6 kHz output format giving high or lower resolution. Where required, customized versions can be supplied with non-standard scan angles and measuring ranges. Models are available for measuring off product at 1250 deg C.

MLS02 Datasheet