General Description

The Series LD600 family of Width Gauges comprise various Model Gauges utilizing either time of flight Laser Distance Meters (LDMs) or Laser Triangulation Meters (LTMs) for determining the slab or Bloom width according to the clients accuracy requirements and Mill layout restraints.

In each case the Laser measuring heads are provided pre-mounted in robust secondary stainless enclosures with water cooling and air purging to enable them to be mounted securely on each side of the line in the harshest of environments. The selection and positioning of the Laser Heads is determined by the slab width dimensions and the clients accuracy requirements. The wide variety of Gauges available allow the selection of the correct Width Gauge without compromise according to accuracy requirements, variation in slab width and its temperature.

The Gauge CPU displays the determined distance from each Laser and calculated slab width as well as providing these values as RS422 Interface for connection to clients PC. A keypad is also provided to enable via a user friendly menu programming of the Gauge with regard the location of the Laser measuring heads and any offset required. An extendable calibration bar is available that is suspended between the line rollers as well as Auto calibration feature in that on inserting this master the gauge by single button input is zeroed to this master. The gauge determines slab width by synchronized measurement by both laser heads via moving average with any multiple false readings generated from surface texture removed. The Laser head temperatures are continuously monitored. Measure enable relay input and system healthy relay output relays are provided.

Series LD600 Datasheet