General Description

The Series LX700 family of Width Gauges Operate intelligent self contained Liner Scan Cameras incorporating the associated software for identifying the width or categorizing the faults in the passing strip. Robust IP65 Backlights are provided with air wipes when required.

Various Line Scan Cameras are available with differing Pixel content and scan rates. The user needs to identify required width accuracy or size of Pin Hole relative to Line speed to determine correct model to be used. The selected lens arrangement will depend on mounting distance and some instances two Camera heads will be needed to meet performance requirements.

These Cameras provide high resolution width measurement as well as detection of edge cracks and holes on passing strip regardless of strip width and speed. Changeable lenses and a variety of back lighting accommodates various strip widths according to camera mounting height and required measuring range. Cameras incorporate automatic gain to ensure safe measurement with changing light conditions on the strip line. A digital output indicates standby status and can be synchronized to the strip movement by an external trigger signal.

Three digital outputs are provided for displaying of each independent strip fault. For instance:

– Crack on the left strip edge – Crack on the right strip edge – Hole in the strip – Over width – Under width – Excessive side movement

The Camera parameters are set via comfortable software running on Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP. Once the parameters are saved the camera works autonomously.

Series LX700 Datasheet