General Description

The LT4000 Laser Distance Meter Series comprises three general purpose Lasers with working ranges of between 60 and 250M off a reflector for control of cranes and general automation control.

The three models are:

  • LT4060M with a maximum range of 60M off reflector
  • LT4150M with a maximum range of 150M off reflector
  • LT4250M with a maximum range of 250M off reflector

Various options are available with alternative outputs to suit most user needs. Namely, RS232 or 422 interface, Ethernet TCP/IP or 4-20mA analogue.

To facilitate programming of this LT4000 Laser without the need for a PC on the crane, it is provided with a built-in keypad and display.

For extreme cold locations, the LT4000 is available with thermocouple controlled heater.

For additional control and safety the serial interface provides text alarm when temperature level outside tolerances and received measured signal too strong or weak or outside the range of the Laser.

LT4000 Datasheet