General Description

The LT5120 Laser Distance Meter is a low cost Laser with exceptional working range of 1200M purpose built for implementing on cranes for colli-sion avoidance.

Having this long range means the user can monitor crane position from a single datum such as from one end wall regardless of the number of cranes running on the crane rails. Furthermore, the user can at the same time identify the approximate position of the crane in the storage hall for storage control with the crane operator providing the final positioning.

Various models are available with alternative outputs to suit most user needs. Namely, RS232 or 422 interface, Ethernet TCP/IP or 4-20mA analogue. Otherwise, a Model with dual alarm switch outputs provided.

To facilitate programming of this LT5120 Laser without the need for a PC on the crane, it is also available with a built-in keypad and display. For extreme hot or cold locations, the LT5120 is available with either Pel-tier cooling or thermocouple controlled heater.

For additional control and safety the serial interface provides text alarm when temperature level outside tolerances and received measured signal too strong or weak or outside the range of the Laser.

LT5120 Datasheet