General Description

The MD9207 Remote High Speed Hot Product Detector is an electronic optical sensor built to meet the higher speed detection requirements within the modern steel mill. Armored fiber optic leads allow the lens to be installed close to the process line in high ambient, while allowing the controller to be mounted in an accessible area. The MD9207 provides a 0.5 msec “pulsed” N.O, PNP transistor output and a “latched” N.O. PNP transistor output, initiated by the passing of a hot leading edge. In addition two independent latched reed relay outputs are also provided. The detector’s response time is virtually independent of the target temperature. In addition, background radiation is filtered out by processing the IR signal present in the field of view of the lens through both a slow and fast amplifier channel. A traditional threshold adjustment is not required.

A wide variety of remote lenses are available. Impervious to water or steam and built to withstand the harshest environments. Used in conjunction with flexible armoured optic lead, these lenses provide a high level of optical accuracy by allowing the selection of the ideal lens arrangement for the installation. Robust lenses with temperature ratings of 180°C, 400°C can be mounted close to the hot product. All remote lenses incorporate filters to minimize sensitivity to extraneous light. For general tracking, spot lenses are commonly used. Where high accuracy is required or the product deviates about the centre line (i.e. Rod Mill) a ½° x 25° precision slit rectangular lens should be utilized. This slit rectangular lens is also highly suited to Strip Mills. Various robust lens mounts are available including air purged, air purged & air cooled, and air purged & water cooled.

The MD9207 is provided with a remote self check feature that is remotely initiated. When activated the detector will switch and its performance checked.

MD9207 Datasheet